A Message from the Artistic Director, Armineh Keshishian
“I like to express my body not in an isolated form as an individual expression, but as a cultural awareness, a story or a history where I am connected to the world” says Keshishian.
The founder of Evolution Dance Theatre, Armineh Keshishian brings the discipline and skills she practices daily in her professional life as a Certified Financial Planner to her role as the visionary behind these productions.
For Armineh Keshishian, dance is an outlet that has allowed her to celebrate her life journey and foster greater understanding of complex cultural issues. Finding her way to the stage, Armineh’s passion for dance and performance began as a young child.
Evolution Dance Theatre – Behind the Veil … the costumes and set design were gorgeous. And Keshishian’s wide choice of music was solid.
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